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How to Access Turning Movement Counts (TMC) Data in Replica
How to Access Turning Movement Counts (TMC) Data in Replica

This article includes information on how to access Turning Movement Counts (TMC) in Replica

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Replica's TMC data includes information about motor vehicle trip counts at most signalized intersections for each day of the week, bucketed into 1-hour intervals. Data is available for Spring and Fall of 2022, and will be updated annually moving forward. It is available for download in CSV format.

Learn more about these datasets here, including their data schema, quality metrics, and methodology.

Follow the steps below to access these datasets.

Note: Your organization may not have access to this data under your current subscription. Reach out through our in-app chat to discuss how you can activate your access.

  1. Check this coverage map see if we have data for your intersection(s) of interest. Coverage is represented by orange dots on the map. If we have coverage for the intersection, proceed to step 2.

  2. Navigate to the Data Downloads page.

  3. Navigate to the "Traffic" section of the left-hand menu > Turning Movement Counts

Note about locating your intersection of interest: At this time, you can download TMC data for entire geographies (i.e., census tracts). One common question we get is how to locate your intersection of interest from the output data file. In the coverage map noted above (and available here), each intersection has an intersection_id. This ID matches the intersection_id field in the table that is produced in this download.

4. Select your geography and season from the dropdowns. A table preview should appear below so you can see what's included in the dataset. Click "Initiate download" to download the data. A notification will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the page once your download is available.

5. Click on the "History" tab in the upper left-hand corner of the page to access the download. Once you find the TMC data from your list of downloads, hover over the right-hand side of the data. Select the downward arrow icon along with your desired file format, and then your download will initiate.

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